The most wanted souvenir – the Leavers Jacket

Will you or your students be the ‘Class of 2021’? Don’t leave it to chance to miss the most wanted souvenir of students graduating primary or high school – the Leavers Jacket. Graduating is a big milestone, they’re either taking the leap from primary to high school or from high school into ‘adulthood’.

It’s a super exciting time and something worth celebrating…and nothing beats having your own Leavers Jacket, whether a hoodie, jumper, jersey, polo or jacket and having your name, your design and Class of 2021 mentioned.

It’s a treasured piece of clothing way beyond the school uniform as it has sentimental value, marking the end of a big chapter.  To this day, many past students still have their Leavers Jacket because of all the memories that came with it.

And what better way to mark the student’s school milestone, than giving students the opportunity to design their own – whether it’s classic or retro in style.   There are so many options to choose from and our team of Uniform Consultants and designers can help create the best designs with your school colours,  branding or motto.  So graduate in style in 2021 and contact Tara Uniforms today.

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