In Australia we dispose of 23kgs of textiles per year per person.

The demand for Sustainable Uniforms that have a low impact on the environment and ensure a healthier world for future generations is increasing all over the world.

Our Uniforms

For us we have already taken measures to reduce our carbon footprint from not only reducing plastics but continually researching sustainable fabric options. Currently we have a number of these fabrics available, and our range is continually increasing.

Our sustainable program is based on the circular movement. Locally we use Australian suppliers for recycled and environmentally friendly fabrics and products. We also recycle and donate to limit waste. Offshore we use ethically sourced manufacturers that are WRAP certified with fabrics that are made under sustainable production conditions using eco friendly dyes.
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Efficient packaging, minimising use of plastic

Ethically sourced manufacturers

Continual innovation into sustainable fabrics

Regularly donate to the community

These fabrics and offerings include:

Wool – Wool biodegrades on land and in the water and does not contribute to microplastic pollution.  It also can be combined with recycled polyester.

Recycled Polyester – Uses up to half as much energy to make and saves plastic from landfill. Re-using what we have also adds more durability to the garment.

Pura-Cotton – Uses less water and energy consumption, is biodegradable and doesn’t use harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Threads – Our sewing and embroidery threads are 100% recycled, providing performance and durability.

Fastenings – Zippers, press studs and buttons can be fully or partially sustainable.