Scrubs got so much comfier and stylish

They’re big, they’re unflattering, they’re just ugly and they’re not something you’d want to wear to work.  Unfortunately, many health care workers do in Australia. But gone are the days of these boxy uniforms.  Now there is plenty of opportunity to get the right look, fabric, comfort and all with practicality rolled in.

Think stretch.

Think colour.

Think wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Think less wear, tear and fade.

Think functionality.

Think comfort.

Think easy wash.

Premium scrubs are the norm now …well they should be at least.  With so many styles to choose from (think jogger pants with a soft elasticised waste – not tie up) and colours to choose from, they’ll brighten up their (and patients) day.  The power of colour can say a lot and make you feel a lot and scrubs can come in so many colours – pink, green, blue, navy, purple, black…and so many more.

Our Health Care workers deserve better…after all they are the unsung hero’s looking after our family and friends.  Let’s help them feel good too.

There is an extensive range of scrubs to suit different health professions. Find out more here.

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