Tradesmen wearing tradies uniforms

Mixing Safety and Style for the Modern Tradie

Work uniforms in any industry should make you feel comfortable and confident even if you are a blue-collar worker.  For tradies, the number one priority is safety because of the harsh conditions that they work in, whether dealing with chemicals, sparks, machinery or heavy equipment, but that doesn’t mean what they wear needs to be dull.

There is plenty of stylish uniform workwear for tradies such as, cargo pants, cuffed  shorts, denim jackets, slim-fit pants and t-shirts, as well as a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Ultimately, the workwear for tradies should do the job and protect them but style doesn’t need to be compromised.

Here’s a couple of tips:

Find the right fit: Don’t let ill-fitting clothing disrupt your work.  Make sure you try samples on or check the sizing chart.  If they don’t fit properly, this can pose a safety risk.

Make sure it’s functional:  When you’re on the move, you need tradie workwear uniforms that moves with you and provides all the tools you need to do the job. Think fabric that has some stretch but is also durable.  Think pockets that are placed strategically on cargo pants.  Thin k lightweight to keep you comfortable in harsh, hot conditions.

To find out more about a workwear range here.

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