Healthcare Uniforms

Healthcare apparel encompasses a huge range of items– from scrubs to shirts, nursing tunics to paramedic wear – to realise that a specialist provider is needed. Tara Uniforms, with 40 years of experience, are proud to be an expert supplier of medical uniforms to Perth’s healthcare workers.

When it comes to nursing uniforms, Perth frontline heroes require clothing to be comfortable, practical, easy to maintain. They also need to represent the amazing job these hardworking members of staff carry out each day. In addition, the clothing must adhere to the Australian Health Sector required specification.


Our Design Service

Designing healthcare clothing that meets stringent demands, as well as being a uniform staff are proud to wear, requires the expertise of a professional design service. It’s this that makes Tara Uniforms stand out from their competitors. With 4 decades of experience and a proven track record of delivery, this family-run firm is the preferred supplier of medical uniforms, nursing uniforms and medical scrubs in Perth and the wider WA region.

We offer customised design or ready-made options. Bespoke design customer logos can be included, thanks to our talented in-house embroidery service.

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