Guide to Hospitality Uniforms.

 Tip: It’s more than wearing comfy shoes

A well thought out hospitality uniform is an important element and investment for all venues, whether for a restaurant, café or for hotel staff (from front of house reception to cleaning staff).

Looking the part is king, especially in WA where people love the café and coffee culture, eating out and have staycations. Venues are now looking to set themselves apart and have well thought out interior styling and staff kitted out in on-trend styles – just to set them apart from competition.

Beyond service, great tasting coffee and good food, the people who work in this environment not only need comfy shoes, they need hospitality uniforms that are hard-working, functional and on-point to create a certain vibe for the business.

So here are some pointers:
Made to move

Function is where it is at for aprons, shirts and t-shirts because it’s about making the job easier, not harder.  Think big pouches and pockets to hold notepads or iPads discretely in aprons or shirts and t-shirts that flex and stretch to your every move.  There are so many styles and colours to choose from, that you won’t be disappointed.

Hard-working fabric

The hospitality sector is one of the hardest working professions out there so the uniform needs to last.  Regular washing to remove stains, food or odours is a constant occurrence so making sure you have durable and fade-resistant fabric is important.

The hospitality uniform needs to perform on you and not just with the customers.

Trending palettes

Gone are the days of black aprons, white shirts, black jackets.  There is so much variety now, you can even choose a particular strap colour for a apron.  Feel like stripes?  Want denim?  Need a chic, stylish front of house look?  It’s all available to give you the fresh uniform feeling to match your brand name and evoke a sense of your interior styling.


The hospitality uniform is a moving sign for your business. Simply by adding your logo to apparel, the level of brand awareness of your venue will increase.  Embroidery is a good solution for this.

Here at Tara Uniforms, we have years of uniform experience and we can design or provide off the rack solutions with both quality and style in mind.  Contact us today and we can help you to get your Uniform look underway.  Find out more here.

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