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What if we could create uniforms that everyone was excited by?

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Our experience has shown that the majority of schools do not have accurate branding or a uniform that is loved by those who have to wear it. Decades of experience, in-house designers and a dedicated uniform consultant means that you’ll have everything you need to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your organization or school.

We remove the hard work from uniform design and management

Visual Identity

In-house qualified designers, tailors & technicians

Vast selection of innovative fabric options both in Australia & offshore

Experienced consultants to assist you every step of the way

How to connect with a Uniform Consultant

We offer three ways to connect with your uniform consultant

1. We come to you
2. Enjoy a showroom consultation session

3. Have a digital
consultation session

Our School Collection

Tara Uniforms are proud to be an approved supplier to the Department of Education under contract ED 190988.
Check out some of our designs in our school gallery.

As a premier school uniform supplier in Perth, we offer a complete schoolwear collection. This includes:

Our extensive experience in clothing manufacturing and customization helps the school create unique uniforms that reflect their visual identity.

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Tara worked closely with the College Community, by listening and learning from the needs and expectations of the College and provided an array of excellent quality uniform. The customer service was excellent – there was never a job or request that was too big or difficult.”

Principal - Seton CC