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Tara Uniforms design service is the premier choice for both small scale uniform needs and those who require a bulk uniform supplier. One of the most common questions we’re asked is:

        What’s right for our organisation: bespoke or ready-made?

We provide a vast array of ready-made styles and options, but this isn’t always the right choice for an organisation. Obvious advantages of purchasing off-the-rack are that of fast delivery and lower costs. While many sectors might find existing styles that can be incorporated with a brand and logos for a unique look, there are many reasons that the tailor-made design option might be preferable.

Tara Uniform design services. Consultants looking at uniform designs with customers.

How to connect with a Uniform Consultant

We offer three ways to connect with your uniform consultant:

1. We come to you
2. Enjoy a showroom consultation session

3. Have a digital
consultation session

We help you find a uniform solution that suits your needs

This is where the services of your personal Tara Uniforms consultant is so valuable. This personal touch will help you determine which option suits your needs. Some reasons for taking the bespoke route include:

  1. You have a particular style in mind that isn’t available in pre-existing options
  2. There’s no ready-made option available that matches your needs. This might be the case for larger workforces, such as healthcare uniforms, for Perth’s wide range of essential services
  3. To create a truly unique identity. This is especially relevant for any organisations for whom it’s essential to create a unique identity across their workforce.
  4. You want to boost brand awareness. Perhaps you’re a new business or one that’s going through a rebrand. Takeovers or company amalgamations are another reason for the tailor-made approach, especially if you need to incorporate the old company details into the new larger brand.

Whatever the reason behind a bespoke service, our experienced and friendly in-house designers develop consistent, accurate patterns that can be quickly actioned and scaled to bring your new development to reality.

We remove the hard work from uniform design and management

All about the uniform consultation process

Being family-owned and family-run, you’re assured of continuity with your uniform consultation. Our decades of experience means that your dedicated uniform consultant brings a wealth of industry expertise to create a personalised solution that’ll meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your organisation or school. This applies whether you require a design from scratch or a simple update or overhaul of an existing uniform – just one of the many advantages of partnering with Perth’s premier bulk uniform supplier.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our friendly, approachable service includes advice on aspects such as uniform sizing, management, rollout and future ordering needs. Our wide-ranging experience means that we understand that uniform procurement is an ongoing process. Forty years in the business means we know the challenges – both current and those that potentially may occur in the future. Our consultant process is designed to take the hard work out of the equation, today, tomorrow and further ahead.


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