About Us

Tara Uniforms has been designing and manufacturing school and work to uniforms to Perth and the wider WA community for nearly 40 years.
As a family-owned and run uniform supplier, we offer customers a unique solution to their uniform needs – the ability to partner with an expert provider of medium to high volume orders, with the personal touch one only receives through an artisan approach.

Why Choose Us

40 Years' Experience

Combined with our passion for great service delivery and the highest quality of uniforms. 

Experienced Uniform Consultants

Provide expert, friendly collaboration to create great looking, practical uniform options.

Custom Design Capabilities

Our 3 qualified designers with extensive industry experience will provide a bespoke service and solution.

Local Manufacturing Options

That supports local WA businesses and achieves quick turnaround times.

Offshore Manufacturing

An option that utilises a variety of ethical, quality suppliers to meet individual needs.

Uniform Management Solutions

Allow us to organise your uniform distribution – onsite, offsite, and online.

In-House Embroidery Service

From qualified, highly experienced embroidery machinists.

Convenient Location

Visit our centrally-located showroom in Osborne Park.

Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Our hands-on control procedure guarantees quality every time.

On-Going Service

It is our relationships that always makes us go beyond with an honest and down to earth approach.

Sustainability & Innovation

At Tara Uniforms, we want to leave a healthier world for future generations. Not only in reducing plastics in packaging, but in continually researching sustainable and durable fabrics that reduce our carbon footprint. We currently have a number of these fabrics available and our range is continually increasing.
We use ethically sourced manufacturers that are WRAP certified with fabrics made uder sustainable production, using environmentally friendly dyes.

"Tara's work exceeds them all (other uniform suppliers)"