5 Uniform Tips

If you’re organisation is due for a uniform revamp, there’s a lot to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider when choosing the perfect uniform for your team.

  1. What’s your brief?  It’s helpful to have a ‘uniform champion’ to think about the business and what your staff do. If you’re it, consider your staff demographic as well from a comfort and sizing for men and women. Are they customer facing and need to be easily recognisable?  Do you they need a uniform that’s functional or needing SPF50+ fabrics?  Happy and well-dressed staff will be the tone of your business. It also needs to be relatable to customers.
  2. Develop a mood board pulling together some ideas. A great place to start is on Pinterest. This can help you determine what look will suit your organisation and also a space to share your ideas with your team. Get some staff members in involved so they feel part of the process but keep it to a minimum as you’ll never make a decision.
  3. Find your uniform expert in the collaboration of developing your uniform. Once you have your brief and mood board a specialist in the uniform field can bring your ideas to life. At the same time they can help you decide if you can purchase ready-made uniforms or need to design from scratch. They will also help you decide on styles, types, colours, fabrics, embroidery and management and delivery.
  4. Think about your budget and quality versus low price. Think about your budget but also consider ‘cost per wear’. It may be great to get the cheapest shirt but if it only lasts 20 washes instead of 100 washes you’ll be doing yourself an injustice with more stock control issues and in the long run it can be more expensive.
  5. How will your uniform needs be fulfilled? So you’re organisation is going to look good now but management solutions need to be considered in how to provide new staff with uniforms and provision of top-ups. Will you be managing this, do you have space for your uniform stock? Uniform experts can provide a variety of solutions whether it be setting up a staffed shop or holding stock for your company or it could be as simple as an online fulfilment solution.